Against the Constitution of Nepal

20-September-2015 The Historic date, when the new Constitution of Nepal was declared by the Honorable President Ram Baran Yadav . The Country has been facing various conflicts between the Pahad and Madhesh for the past many days but the Government of Nepal seems to take no heed to the matter in hand. Before the Constitution was declared, Nepal got a message from the neighboring Country India that they won’t accept the constitution of Nepal if it is made against the will of the citizens of the Nepal. There is an understanding between India and Nepal which it seems is going to break on the findings of the Indian personnel who visited Nepal in relation to this matter and found that the leaders of Nepal has made a constitution which is not in favor of all the citizens of Nepal.

After the declaration of Constitution in Nepal, it was welcomed at some places by celebrating the event just like the festival Deepavali while at other places people burnt the Constitution of Nepal and stood against it and demanded their rights. Almost all the part of Madhesh in Nepal has been under the curfew since yesterday according to the local media but the government of Nepal seems to be not interested in sorting out the issues of Madheshis. Rather, the top officials has ordered the Police to shoot those who are protesting and breaking the curfew.

If the situation of the country is going to remain like this then how the Madheshi people are going to get their rights and live like ordinary citizens with no pressure from anyone?

How long the government of Nepal is going to ignore the people in Madhesh?

In relation to the same matter, Students of Nepal studying at Jaipur, Rajasthan also protested yesterday and showed that how concerned they are in the matter of their Country and the demand for the Rights and Power of Madheshi.

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