Top 10 Engineering Jobs For IIT Graduates

Top 10 Engineering Jobs For IIT Graduates

IIT graduates are considered as the most eligible engineering graduates in India and it mostly they complete their four years engineering course from country top engineering institute. Getting a chance to study engineering in IIT is a tough task, but once you get in, there is no stopping back.

It has been seen that most of the IIT graduates are recruited by top companies of India as well as the world as they know that the graduates possess all the necessary skills. Some engineering jobs don’t ask IIT graduates to sit for preliminary tests, and they are directly called in a technical interview.

The four years of study of engineering in IIT is a grueling process, and this is the reason student easily get a chance in top-tier enterprises. Nowadays, there is an abundance of top notch engineer jobs for aspirants and IIT graduates should apply for a job in this company because it will pave the way for their future.

However, not all the engineering jobs fall in the top list, but there is some engineering job that always stays at the top. According to experts most of the engineering job for IIT graduates belongs to the top tier list, so a student with excellent skills quickly gets a job in a reputed enterprise.

Top Ten Engineering Jobs for IIT Graduates

There is never a shortage of jobs when you pass from Indian Institute of Technology with proper skills, and the following list will describe the top ten jobs for IIT graduates:

  1. Aerospace Engineering Job –

Aerospace jobs are always considered as the top tier engineering jobs, and IIT students are suitable for this job because it requires vast knowledge. Employees have to work on different projects in multidisciplinary teams, and it serves as an excellent path to a greater future. The aerospace technology is improving rapidly, so employees are also paid high salaries for their work.

  1. Petroleum Engineering Job –

Petroleum is a top notch employment in engineering division and a lot of IIT graduates years for a job in a top-notch petroleum company. They are provided a starting salary around Rs 50,000 per month along with many perks. IOCL, Bharat Petroleum, Esser Oil, etc. are some notch companies.

  1. Electrical Engineering Job –

Electrical engineers are one of the most demanded engineers especially if they have passed from IIT and many top companies recruit them. The job growth in this sector is quite significant, and every employee at the beginning gets a package more than seven lacks per annum.

  1. Computer Engineering Job –

Computer engineers from IIT always stay in high demand and many multinational companies recruit them as soon as they finish their graduation. The demand for new technical products is increasing day by day, so the need for developers is also increasing. Most of the multinational companies pay huge salary to IIT graduates.

  1. Chemical Engineering Job

Lot of chemical engineers pass from a different division of IIT in India, and almost everybody gets placed due to the growing market. A chemical engineering job is a highly reputed job, and different companies recruit candidates for research and manufacturing purposes. The starting salary a candidate gets counts around Rs 40,000 per month.

  1. Civil Engineer Job –

This is another highly reputed job in engineering sector where the civil engineers always stay demand because there is no end civil works in the country. You can look for this kind of job and other numbers of Technology jobs on SureRecruitement. The average salary stays around 8 to 9 lacks per annum. You have to very responsible for Civil Engineer Job.

  1. Mechanical Engineering Job –

The growth of job field in mechanical engineering sector is quite good in recent years, and different companies are ready recruits potential candidates from various universities especially IIT. The salary mostly offered to a mechanical engineer from IIT stays around Rs 45,000 per month. Companies like L&T, BHEL, TATA, etc. directly recruits IIT graduates.

  1. Mining Engineering Job –

Mining engineering job might seem uncommon but they always top tier list of top engineering jobs. Most of the companies go for campus drive in different divisions of IIT to catch young talents with mining engineering background. These students are offered with a huge salary, and it serves as the best way for getting growth in their career.

  1. Energy Engineering Job- 

Companies in the energy sector eagerly waits for IIT graduates to finish their course and they directly recruited by different energy companies. It is a flourishing job where one can grow by a large margin as the energy sector is the most fruitful area.

  1. Material Engineering Job –

Material engineering jobs is a well-reputed job where individuals are given the task for test materials used for making products. They are employed for a different task in a company mostly projects related to metals. The growth in this sector is immense, and each employee earns a handsome salary.

So this is the list of top 10 engineering jobs for IIT graduates.

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