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Idioms & Phrases Asked in Different Competitive Exams in Different years – 1


Sweeping Statement – Thoughtless statement (SO(Audit), 1997) All at sea – Puzzled (SO(Audit), 1997) Enough rope – Enough freedom for action (SO(Audit), 1997) By fits and start – Irregularly (SO(Audit), 1997) Fell afoul of – Got into trouble with (SO(Audit), 1997) Token strike – Short strike held as warning (SO(Audit), 1997) Face the music – […]

English Words with their Meanings:


English Words with their Meanings: Artefact Means: An Object Made By A Human Being, Typically One Of Cultural Or Historical Interest. Abject Means: Most Unfortunate Or Miserable All English Questions & Answers Apt Means: Naturally Disposed Toward Abstain Means: Choose Not To Consume Append Means: Add To The Very End Acclimate Means: Get Used To […]

Bank Slogans and Taglines


Slogan is essentially a short tagline that is utilized as a vital and appealing expression fundamentally for promoting crusades.We call them Tagline or Slogans or Punchlines. if you are preparing for Exam, you must know all popular Bank’s Slogans and Taglines It is for the most part watched that associations over the globe utilize little expression […]

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