English Questions & Answers

1. Identify the wrong sequence of words in “The birds usually build their nests on the tree”?

a. Birds usually

b. build

c. their nests

d. on the tree

Option “a” is the correct answer.

The used preposition “on” in this place is wrongly used.

It should be “in”.

2. Write a single word for the phrase “a person who believes nature as God”?

a. Atheists

b. Hindu

c. Pantheists

d. Jewish

Option “c” is the correct answer.

3. Which is the incorrect usage of word: “The food was shared equally among the two kids”?

a. Was shared

b. equally

c. among

d. the two kids

Option “c” is the right answer, since when only two numbers are involved, the word

“between” should be used. For more than two numbers, “among” can be used.

4. Which of the following is not an antonym of the word “fictitious”?

a. Reality

b. Myth

c. Genuine

d. Factual

Option “b” is the right answer.

All the other three words are synonyms of the word.

5. Evaluate whether the words are used appropriately: I was asked weather I liked the whether today:

a. Yes

b. No

Option “b” is the correct answer.

The sentence should be “I was asked whether I liked the weather today”.

6. Identify the word in past form with incorrect spelling?

a. Striped

b. Stripped

c. Stampede

d. Levelled

Option “d” is the correct answer.

7. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the highlighted word in the sentence: The employee was frequently late to office and hence he was despised?

a. Dismissed

b. Humiliated

c. Let go

d. Venerated

Option “b” is the correct answer.

8. Pick the most appropriate word to fill in the blank sentence: “He finally had the courage to ——– the mistake”?

a. Demean

b. Prove

c. Accept

d. Takeover

Option “c” is the correct answer.

9. Pick the most appropriate preposition to fill in the blank sentence: “His brother & sister-in-law are marrying –— each other?

a. To

b. In

c. For

d. None

Option “d” is the correct answer. Certain verbs like “Marry” normally do not need any

prepositions to be followed.

10. Pick the most appropriate phrases to complete sentence: “He claims to have no money —————————————————“?

a. As he is very conserved in spending money

b. Because he has studied always in scholarship

c. In spite of being very rich

d. Since he donates very less

Option “c” is the correct answer.

The other statements are contradicting to the given sentence.

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