General Knowledge Questions & Answers

1. Name the current permanent representative of India to United Nations Organization

Asoke Kumar Mukerji since April 2013.

2.      When was the CRIS (Centre for Railway information systems) initiated and what was the purpose of the same?

July 1986, to enable IT systems in railway services.

3.      According to the World Bank report, which state in India is more comfortable for doing business and bringing in more foreign investments?

  1. Gujarat, 2. Andhra Pradesh 3. Jharkhand 4. Chhattisgarh 5. Madhya Pradesh

4.      Who is known to be called as the “Father of South Indian Cricket”?

  1. Buchi Babu Naidu – person who is responsible for organizing cricket clubs for the Indian players and the founder of the annual Madras Presidency Matches.

5.      One of the important factor that is to be considered by RBI for classifying a bank as Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D- SIBs) is:

Size of the bank is considered to be the important factor considering the fact that the bigger, the bank is, the bigger the damage is caused in case of failure.

6.      Which country holds the presidential power of G20 countries this year (2015)?

Turkey; the presidential power is rotated to all the G20 countries on an annual basis.

7.      Name the award that has been introduced by Government of India to promote the adventure activities on land, water and air.

Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Awards initiated in the year 1993, named after Tenzing Norgay who is the one among the two who are first known to reach the summit of the Mount Everest Mountain.

8.      Which of the EU countries is facing severe economic downturn currently?

Greece – It is believed that such downturn is due to the changing of currency to EUR.

9.      Which is the only Maurya king on whom a postal stamp is released by Indian government?

Chandragupta Maurya, in the year 2001.

10.  Which year was the W20 (Women-20) group initiated by the G20 countries and what is the purpose of W20.

To promote a gender-free economic growth, women leaders from each G20 countries were invited for the world economic forum as part of the women empowerment. It was initiated in the year 2015.

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