Questions & Answers

1. Give the prize to ____ deserves it.

a) whoever(√)

b) whomever

c) whom

d) whose

2. _____ whom everyone wanted to win.

a) it was he(√)

b) It was him

c) it was his

d) it was himself

3. Among ___ it was he who always acted as the interpreter.

a) they

b) them (√)

c) we

d) their

4. He punished the boy ______ he found was making a noise.

a) whom

b) who(√)

c) by whom

d) whomever

5. One should be attentive to _____ studies.

a) his

b) her

c) one

d) one’s (√)

6. Some of my friends are players, other friends are businessmen and ____ are professors.

a) the other

b) the other friends(√)

c) the other friend

d) some another

7. Agriculture 420 is a _____ class.

a) five-hours

b) five-hour(√)

c) five-the-hour

d) the five-hour

8. I have to write ____ this weekend.

a) a one-thousand-word paper(√)

b) a one-thousand-word papers

c) a one-thousand-words papers

d) an one-thousand-word paper

9. Find the same meaning of FURTIVE –

a) Clandestine(√)

b) reveal

c) open

d) frank

10. Find the opposite meaning of PLETHORA –

a) Dearth (√)

b) Abundance

c) Profusion

d) None of these

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