Study Plan for SBI PO Exam – 2017

How to CO-Ordinate?

SBI PO exam is starting from 29 April i.e from next month and we have at most of 44 days, if we count it from tomorrow.(You guys can chill today and eat ‘Puchka’ as it was in Dangal before starting the preparation for Wrestling).

Step 1: List all the previous papers of SBI PO exams and solve / Practice them for a week or two.

Step 2: Find the topics which you found difficulty in, while solving the previous papers and practice them as much as you can for at least a week.

Step 3: After following above mentioned steps, you guys have already got your talent stored in your brain and now it’s about to be expressed in the tricks I am going to give you in the below mentioned day to day plan.

We are left with 30 days more which could be called 1 month (sounds more?):

Which subject do you find the Easiest one?

Figure it out, as you need to finish that subject first so that you could get some extra time to dedicate to practice those subjects which are yet your enemies.

Well I suggest, English is the easiest one for me, you guys can choose yours favourite

SBI PO Study Plan for English – Preliminary Exam 2017

Duration – 4 Days plan

You Can Take Mock Test Here:

SBI PO Study Plan for Reasoning – Preliminary Exam 2017

Duration –10 Days plan

You Can Take Mock Test Here:

SBI PO Study Plan for Quantitative Aptitude – Preliminary Exam 2017

Duration –16 Days plan

You Can Take Mock Test Here:

Things to Remember:

  • Study all the topics that has been listed above.

  • Formulas / Tips and tricks for all the subjects whether it be Quantitative Aptitude or Reasoning or English, should be hands-on for all of them.

  • Post at-least a problem that you are facing in the comments section below.

  • Solve and reply atleast a question that is posted by someone else in the comment section below.

After Confirming all the above points mentioned, You can appear for the final Mock Test for SBI PO Exam.


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