Daily Current Affairs – 9th April 2017

  • A panel recommended by govt has put ban on the production of non-ISI helmets & order to change the design of motorcycle helmets reducing the weight, less bulky without compromising of safety and also giving emphasis on special design for women riders, which wouldn’t spoil their hairstyle.

  • In coming months, govt is all set to imply or passport mandatory for flying even in India.

  • 1st NBA (National basketball association) basketball school inaugurated in Mumbai. Top players at each basketball school will have a opportunity to attend NBA academy.

  • English language from class 1 made compulsory by govt of Uttar Pradesh.

  • India ranks 40th in WEF’s (World Economic Forum), global travels & tourism ranking out of 136 countries. Spain ranked top in the list. Earlier India was in 52 positions.

  • ‘’Champaran  Satyagraha’’ of Mahatma Gandhi to be repackaged as ‘’Swachagraha’’, by hon.’ P.M. Narendra Modi on the 100th anniversary of Champaran satyagraha with the idea ‘’where an individual pool his idea towards building of an clean India’’.

  • FB’s digital assistant ‘’M’’ launched in us, users of its messenger application.

  •  India & Bangladesh signed 22 agreements in various sectors such as, defense, nuclear, judicial, earth, science, navigation & peaceful uses of outer space to boost bilateral cooperation.India also announced LoC of $ 4.5 billion to Bangladesh in projects in priority sectors & $ 500 million for defense purchases.

  • Maharashtra assembly committee has recommended making prenatal sex determination mandatory to prevent female infanticide, monitoring of pregnant women by local health official to ascertain if they aborted the fetus in case it was female. According to the report the sex determination must be done when parents come for sonography and they should be tracked regularly to check if they’re coming for test even after knowing that the fetus is a girl child.

  • Indira Banerjee appointed as chief justice of Madras high court.

  • Indian boxer  K Shyam Kumar won gold medal at  Thailand International Tournament.

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