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Equality & Inequality Question Answer

Quantitative Aptitude

Direction (Q1-5) in the given questions assuming the given statements to be true, find which of the given four conclusion definitely true? 1) Statement D≥I>F; U<R=N; F>N Conclusion I.F>U II.D>R III.T≥I IV.U<D 1) Only I and II are true 2) Only II and IV are true 3) Only I and III are true. 4) Only […]

GRE Test Format

The GRE is a various choice multi-stage test that measures verbal considering, quantitative considering, segregating conclusion and interpretive arrangement capacities. It has been plot in a way so as to find out the understudy’s insightful and sensible limits, selecting in order to change in accordance with execution request in perspective of past answers. The test […]

Overview of GRE

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is an organized slant exam with a pre-described syllabus. It is a champion among the most by and large recognized certifications tests for graduate and business school programs, and is used for affirmations decisions for MBA, specific master’s ready and doctoral tasks. GRE is isolated into two classes. The GRE General […]

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