TOEFL Overview

TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language

TOEFL, like IELTS is a standard test for non-native English speaking individuals willing to study or work in English speaking countries. More than 9000 universities and immigration processes accept TOEFL as a standard for assessing English speaking skills of applicants. The test was introduced in 1964 catering to the need of standard tests to measure abilities of students to survive in foreign nationalities.

TOEFL can be attempted online (iBT: Internet based Test) or on paper (PBT: Paper Based Test), each variant restricted to areas. The TOEFL scores are valid for two years and acceptable across the world. The TOEFL is conducted 50 times a year and anyone can attempt the examinations any number of time; the only restriction being to take a 12 day gap between two consecutive tests.

Charges for TOEFL
iBT US $160-$250
PBT US $160

Scoring in TOEFL:

The TOEFL test is graded on the scale of 0-120 for iBT. Additionally the test taker also gets a performance evaluation from the examiner that reflects a candidate’s performance levels. The minimum University level acceptable scores of TOEFL are 61 and maximum scores are 110.


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