Reasoning Questions and Answers

House : Lock :: Computer : ?

  1. Antivirus
  2. Modem
  3. Internet
  4. Shut down

Option “1” is the correct answer. We use Lock to protect the house and similarly, we use antivirus to protect the computer.

Cat : Tiger?

  1. Otters : Cats
  2. Dogs : Fox
  3. Jackal : Wolverine
  4. Cat : Dog

Option “2” is the correct answer. Cat & Tiger belong to the same family Felidae; likewise Dog & Fox belong to the same family Canidae.

Fill in the sequence: ABC3 – >123D – > BCD4 – > ??


  1. 234D
  2. 341A
  3. 234A
  4. 143C

Option “3” is the right answer, since the sequence followed is that the first three letters are obtained by jumping two steps ahead, while the last letter is obtained by jumping only one step ahead.

Find the odd man out?

  1. Education
  2. Precaution
  3. Automobile
  4. Jealous

Option “4” is the right answer. All the other three words contain all the vowels, whereas in the last word, the vowel “I” is not there.

In a certain language, if LOVE is coded as OLEV, then what is the code for LIKE:

  1. IKEL
  2. ILBA
  3. ORPV
  4. ORQV

Option “3” is the correct answer. The coding involves the reversal of the alphabetical order and choosing the appropriate letter corresponding to the given word.


If Blue is called “Sky”, Sky is called “Water”, color is called “Height”, what is the height of the water?

  1. Blue
  2. Sky
  3. Water
  4. Color

Option “2” is the correct answer. First, the question should be reframed according to the given code. It becomes “what is the color of the sky”. The answer would be “Blue”, where Blue is called “Sky”.

Showing the picture, the person said this is my husband’s son’s only maternal grandfather. How is he related to me?

  1. Father
  2. Son
  3. Brother
  4. Himself

Option “1” is the correct answer. Husband’s son means her son as well and maternal grandfather means the father of her.

Identify the next sequence: 1AEI:EFJ2:3CGK: ?

  1. BEJ4
  2. DHL4
  3. 4DHI
  4. DGL4

Option “2” is the correct answer. Every third letter of the previous letter is joined, with the sequence numbers added in the front and at the last alternatively.


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