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Equality & Inequality Question Answer

Quantitative Aptitude

Direction (Q1-5) in the given questions assuming the given statements to be true, find which of the given four conclusion definitely true? 1) Statement D≥I>F; U<R=N; F>N Conclusion I.F>U II.D>R III.T≥I IV.U<D 1) Only I and II are true 2) Only II and IV are true 3) Only I and III are true. 4) Only […]

English Words with their Meanings:


English Words with their Meanings: Artefact Means: An Object Made By A Human Being, Typically One Of Cultural Or Historical Interest. Abject Means: Most Unfortunate Or Miserable All English Questions & Answers Apt Means: Naturally Disposed Toward Abstain Means: Choose Not To Consume Append Means: Add To The Very End Acclimate Means: Get Used To […]

Tips to crack Government Exams Easily

All things considered, these days the professional stability is the most requesting thing in every single individual’s life. Indeed, even after the graduation in a nation like India individuals are obsessed with government employments. However, as should be obvious there are just a couple employment opportunities are going to happen consistently and the passing rate […]

Computer Knowledge Questions & Answers

1. What is the latest version of Windows released by Microsoft? Windows 10 released in August 2015 2. Name the two major operating systems currently used in mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, etc? Android and Windows 3. What does GPS stand for and what is it use? Global Positioning System is a navigation system that […]

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