Computer Knowledge Questions & Answers

1. What is the latest version of Windows released by Microsoft?

Windows 10 released in August 2015

2. Name the two major operating systems currently used in mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, etc?

Android and Windows

3. What does GPS stand for and what is it use?

Global Positioning System is a navigation system that is used to provide location details.

4. Which software application can be used to create a basic webpage?

HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language.

5. Which network device is useful for connecting a single internet connection to more one device, for example, two computers at the same time?


6. What are SPAM mails?

Any unwanted emails that are sent by unknown person for the sake of advertising or for other purposes to the mailbox of the persons are called SPAM mails. These SPAM mails are automatically filtered by the mail service provider based on a pre-defined set of rules defined within them.

7. What is computer firewalls?

A security system that is enabled to control the access of the network through appropriate procedures is called firewalls.

8) Which run by using “open source-code”?



b. LINUX (√)

d. OS/2

9. WWW stands for…

a. World Wide Worth

b. World Wide Wave

c. World Wide Web (√)

d. Walk Wide Web

10. What is OCR?

a. An output device

b. An input device(√)

c. A part of the monitor

d. A part of the key-board

11. Programming errors detected by the language translator are called……..errors.

a. primary

b. temporal

c. logic

d. syntax(√)

12. IPOS cycle includes Input, Processing, Output and-

a. Storage (√)

b. System

c. Syntax

d. Simulation

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