How to Prepare for Reasoning Exam

Questions from Reasoning section are asked in most competitive exams like SSC exams, IBPS Exams, LIC exams and almost all Competitive exams because it can be a good indicator of a candidate’s ability, decision making, analytical ability and their job performance.

For preparation of reasoning, only effective way is to practice as much as possible.

Try to solve and practice as many questions as possible, this can also increase the speed to solve the reasoning questions and also try to solve the papers those are asked in previous exams. You can find previous papers easily on our website

Once you start solving the questions, you will find this very interesting and you will enjoy solving the questions easily.

Below are some tips that will help you to prepare better.

  • Practice and solve as many question as possible, find some question from internet and other sources, like previous paper, from competitive books, etc.
  • In the exam, be confident.
  • Focus on reading question first, then try to solve. Always manage your time.
  • Do not guess the answers after seeing the options of questions, they all seem correct, so read the question carefully and choose answer correctly and always remember if you answer incorrect, it may affect your marking, if there is negative marking in the exams.
  • Practice and solve questions online, many govt. exams are conducted online. Candidates can also get Mock Test on
  • If you find difficulties to solve the questions, it’s because of one reason that, Lack of practice.
  • To speed up solving the questions, you should be very quick in the calculations, so you should try to calculate some common things mentally these are
  1. Squares till 50
  2. Cubes till 20
  3. Squares root till 20
  4. Position of alphabets
  5. Reciprocals of 1 to 15.

At last, Practice & Presence of Mind is only way to succeed in any of the Competitive Exams.

Best of luck with your exam!

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